Configuración layout de teclado

localectl list-keymaps
localectl set-keymap latin 

Recuperar password de root

1) add rd.break and enforcing=0 to the end of the line that starts with linux16 or linux64 in Grub2:

2) when the system boots, run the following command to remount the root filesystem in read-write mode:

mount -o remount,rw /sysroot

3) then run:

chroot /sysroot

4) run:


5) instruct SELinux to relabel all files upon reboot (because the /etc/shadow file was changed outside of its regular SELinux context) – run:

touch /.autorelabel
Note that this may take some time during the next boot.

6) type exit to leave the chroot environment. 7) type exit to log out, note this will also reboot the system.

The system will reboot, re-apply all SELinux labels, and present you with a regular login prompt.

Note: If the system is encrypted, the above method will not work. Please refer to the following article: Resetting the Root Password of RHEL-7 for encrypted devices